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Thai Traditional Massage - $85/hr

This is one of the world’s oldest healing modalities, originating over 2,500 years ago.  In its modern form it combines aspects of yoga, shiatsu, assisted progressive stretching, reflexology and even accupunture.  Sununtha focuses on movements which mimic the asanas of yoga combined with attention to pressure points.


Thai Oil Deep-Tissue Massage - $85/hr

This is usually given as a medium or firm intensity massage, intended to sooth aching or tense muscles.  We chose from a variety of massage oils, many produced in traditional forms in the ancient Buda temples of Thailand.


Thai Aromatherapy Relaxation Massage - $85/hr

Makes use of a selection of essential oils which are applied specifically to promote a feeling of relaxation and well-being.  By its nature, the massage intensity is less than that of a deep-tissue massage.  During aromatherapy massage, the skin is warmed and the blood drawn to the surface, increasing circulation and encouraging the elimination of toxins from the body.  By the time the mnassage is over you should be deeply relaxed and feeling calm; sometimes people will even fall asleep.


Thai Foot and Foot Spa Massages - $85/hr

Thai style foot massage takes its origins from China, and focuses on stimulating the reflex points on the feet that correspond to the internal organs of the body.  It also soothes tired and aching feet, often stifled in shoes and socks all day, which support us through everyday life, as hectic as this can be.


Neck, Shoulder & Back Massage - $85/hr

Many people suffer discomfort in these parts of their bodies, and I focus most of the massage session on these areas.


Remedial Massage - $85/hr

This technique normally targets specific areas of tightness and pain in the body, most commonly including the neck, back, shoulders and legs, as well as the effects of tendonitis, poor blood flow, headache and strains


Couples Massage - $85/hr each person

This style is popular with friends and couples who prefer to indulge themselves at the same time in any of the above massage styles.  Couples massages are given in our specially designed adjoining massage rooms where the couple can see each other and more easily communicate if they wish during their massage experience.


Seated Massage - $85/hr

Some massage styles can be given lying down on a massage table or seated upright in a specially designed massage chair.  If you are uncomfortable at the prospect of lying down, please ask us about our seated massages.



These have a three month validity period and are available directly from us for 60 mins ($85), 90 mins ($125) or 120 mins ($170) massages in any style.



The choice of massage style (as above) and intensity (firm, medium or soft) is purely at my customers choice, though I am happy to advise based on personal circumstances.  Certain massage styles will require you to remove some clothing, but I use special sheets and towels to make you as comfortable as possible.


All massage techniques used by Sununtha can assist with:

  • Releasing tense muscles;
  • Increasing flexibility;
  • Improving joint movement;
  • Inducing deep relaxation;
  • Assisting postural alignment; and
  • Calming the mind.

Receiving a massage is a very personal experience, and benefits different people in different ways.  I am not a medical expert and so do not make or offer specific or generalised claims of the medical benefits associated with receiving a massage but I do believe that the potenial benefits of a properly given massage can be very practical and real, as supported by the many unsolicitored positive comments offered by my customers.

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